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About The Antique Pocket Door Hardware We Sell

  As pictured above we are offering a great selection of highly styled antique pocket door hardware all dating from c.1870 to 1900. This original Victorian period hardware has outstanding details and is some of the finest ever produced. The pocket hardware offered is all made of cast bronze with only the pocket lock bodies made of iron. There are many different styles, patterns and sizes to choose from. A few of the manufactures who made this pocket hardware are P.F.Corbin, Hopkins & Dickenson, Russell & Erwin, Reading Hardware, Norwalk, and Nashua Lock Company.

Double pocket door sets will come with four pocket plates, or handles, and two locks. One door lock will be male, containing a latch, and the other lock, female, also referred to as a receiver. Single sets will come with two pocket plates and one lock. Some of the fancier sets have curved astragal lock fronts. Silver & gold plated pieces seldom surface and are harder to find. All pocket locks have been taken apart, cleaned & lubricated. The pop-out handles inside the locks work smoothly and are in fine working order. They should be trouble free for many years to come.The section that operates the locking mechinasim are intact but after 120+ years the key for the lock is usually long gone. As seen in the pictures, most pieces retain their original finish and are in excellent condition.

Information About Antique Pocket Door Hardware

  Pocket doors became very popular in Victorian homes, around the 1880's. Today these doors are also called sliders or sliding doors. They were mostly used in houses to close off sitting rooms or parlors.  

How and Why Pocket Doors Are Installed

  Most sliding door installations have an upper track installed inside a wall. Two or more rollers are attached to the top sections of the pocket door. The door is then be lifted and the rollers are positioned and set down into the track. A narrow opening left in the door jamb, slightly larger than the edge of the door, allows the door to slide in & out from the wall.

The largest advantage to this style door is that it is a space saver. When not in use, the door disappears and slides inside a wall, rather than taking up space like a conventional open door.

A disadvantage of these doors is that if a repair is needed, they can be difficult to work on. The only way to gain access to the rollers or track is by cutting an access hole in the wall. In older homes, the most common problems occur when plaster falls down inside the wall and onto the track. Sometimes the settling of the house can cause misalignment issues. That said, there's very little to actually wear out on pocket doors.

About the Hardware Used on Pocket Doors

  Antique and vintage pocket door hardware came in a variety of styles and finishes. Browse through our photos and descriptions to see many fine examples.

Both single and double pocket doors are found in Victorian homes. A single door would have used two recessed pocket door plates and one lock with a strike plate.

The majority of antique pocket door locks contain a fancy little handle located inside the lock. There is a button or lever on the face of the lock. When this button is touched or flipped there is an internal handle that pops out through the lock face. Some of these handles are spring loaded. The use of this handle allows the pocket door to be pulled out from the wall. The door, sliding on a track, can then be pulled up to the adjacent wall where it latches into a striker when door is in use. These doors can also be locked with a special key.

A double door has four recessed handles, or door plates, and two locks. Both of these locks also incorporate pop out handles to help pull the doors from the inside of walls. The two doors both slide and meet together in the middle of the room. A key locks the doors together.

When purchasing antique pocket door hardware make sure that the pop out handle, located inside the lock, operates freely and is in good working condition. The moving parts inside the locks have a close tolerance, due to age, elements, dirt, paint,wear or abuse. Many times they are seized up or there are unforeseen problems.
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