Rare farm implement, C.1905 Manure spreader
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This is in my yard at this time. It's New Idea's first style spreader. Condition is amazing for age. It all seems to still work. Even has original tag. Made by the New Idea Spreader Co. Cold water Ohio. Lot no. 106, I have not been able to locate except museum models. I bought it from a lady 15 miles from here who bought it and put it to use about 7 years ago. From what I understand it wasn't in use for the past 5 or so years and sat from where I bought from. It had tree shoots growing through the spoked iron wheels when I found. It looked as if it had seen much better days till I pulled it out of the brush. After cutting down the tree shoots and being able to pull it out of the brush, found it was still in amazing condition for a 100 plus year old piece. There was some areas of rotten wood near where the seat folded down. I professionally replaced a few pieces of rotted wood where needed using 100 plus year old oak boards. It blended in very well, can no longer see where anything was ever replaced. I believe the original wood the body was made from was Cyprus? I carefully used a pressure washer to lightly clean both inside and out, that did help out a lot and got rid of the green stuff. It had some nasty green mildew from not seeing any sun for a few years. The board that the tool box and oil can mounted to had some rot and was a bit too far gone to save. After renewing that mounting board I remounted the oil can, the tool box was missing, never there, only rusty mounting straps. Only thing actually missing now is the tool box. I tried to do a little research on the internet, all I could find were newer models with rubber tires. Seems like most all were made of this style. I could not find any for sale in any condition with iron wheels and a wooden body. Only found museum pieces that were repainted, I think the one I have actually looks much better with the original grained wood without the paint.

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