Antique Art Nouveau Figural Brackets
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These are large & heavy, approx. 5lbs ea. Original cast iron brackets in perfect condition with no cracks or repaired or broken pieces. Very rare style that date from around c.1890.
When I received they had several coats of flacking paint that I spent several hours removing.
They are now free of all paint, cleaned down to bare metal, and are now in their original cast iron finish showing all of their original detail ready to coat with a clear finish or use as is. .
If you live in an area with low humidity you could mount these inside with out doing anything to the finish.
In most areas where the humidity is above 30 to 40%, I would recommend spraying these with a clear coat finish if you want to keep them looking as they are.
I went through the hard part of removing the old paint to prep to make ready to use again. Anyone who appreciates the high quality details from our Victorian days will surely be amazed at the details.
Could also be primed and painted with any color that matches your decor. The spray paint / primer is about $10-. Would take about 20 min. to hang -up & spray on the finish.
These each have about 5 screw holes for mounting. The cast iron details are very refined as you would expect from this time period.
These are the only pair of mermaid brackets I have seen in over 20 years of collecting. They would be perfect to use as a shelf for your collectables.
These are guaranteed to be original as described. I don't sell anything even close to being reproductions. I take pride in what I sell. All of my items are as described or funds refunded.

Measure 13-3/4" high x 11-1/2 wide x 1-3/8" thick at mounting areas. These are very sturdy brackets that would hold most anything.

Price: $300 -


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