Rare style mechanical Doorbell
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This 130 year old bell is marked 11-83. The ringer pattern is called Ecado and was produced by Sargent & Co. prior to their other items that were all marked 1885.

Both the bell & ringer are made of bronze and are a complete matching set in perfect working condition. This is a unusual style mechanical bell, I will try to explain how it works.

Operation: By pushing in on the bell button, moves forward a small rod that slides into a type of counter balance section that’s linked to a musket size ball which hits the edge of the bell.

Once the bell rings, gravity then returns this operation back to the start position, ready to be rang again. This was a very cleaver design that doesn’t use springs and functions very well.

The bell has a nice pleasant chime that appears to ring for a while.    Bell measures 5”in dia.    Ringer is 2-1/2”    Will fit a door smaller than 1-7/8” thick.

Price: $250 -

Item # 320