Rare Antique Bronze H&D Hinges
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Very rare set of hinges made by Hopkins and Dickenson dating to around c.1875.
I purchased several hinges from a contractor a few years ago in Capital Heights who removed these from our Treasury Department in Washington D. C.

Each hinge is a bit over 3lbs. They are a slip-on type mounting design. The pivot area has very little to no ware.

These are large hinges, Ea. measuring 5" x 7". They are all in exceptional condition for their age.

I went through a lot of work to weed out and put together these three matching hinges that are in near perfect condition out of several that were not.

They all retain their original golden finish. What makes these so rare is the extra expense a few of these hardware companies went through to preform
this extra machine work for the sole purpose of out-doing their competitor's design, only to make their hinges a bit more fancy by not having two tiny screws.

If you look at the face of these hinges you will see that there is not even a single screw to fasten the fancy face plate to the hinge.

During this time period, for a few years, approx. five or so of our leading hardware companies had designed their hinges to have a fancy plate that covered the
normal mounting screws, this was basically only for appearance. All of their cover plates had two tiny screws that held on this decorative front plate.

H&D along with Corbin and possibly other companies who adapted this screw- less hinge plate design was short lived. At a later date when someone wanted to remove the
Hinges, apparently most couldn't figure out how to remove this screw-less cover plate, as a resulted they were being pried off and doing damage to the fancy plate.

I believe this style only lasted a year or so, very few hinges are ever found in this design. The ones that are found from my experience usually have damage from being pried on.

Price for the three: $400-

Item # 216