Antique Figural Hand carved Angel  
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This piece had multi coats of paint when found at a PA flea market This would have been installed as a type of entry door decoration For example, mounted under the glass section of an antique oval glass door. These were very popular along the row homes in Phily, PA. Most of the homes had 6 or so steps leading up to the entrance way. This angel would have been located to where it could be seen at eye level from the bottom of the steps. Was very common to find this type of Angel carving as a good luck type piece, some were also mounted on mantels. The Angel was intended to protect the house and keep the evil spirits away. It's at least 120 years old, made of oak. The hard work of the paint removal is done, It only needs evened out a bit with a rasp, and two coats of satin varnish. These are hard to come by and very pricy when found, and almost always painted.
measurements 25" x 4-1/4" x 21/2" deep

Price: $125 -

Item # 1402