Antique Jumbo Entry size door plate with double key hole covers.  
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Produced by Reading Hardware around 1890 in their well-known Columbian pattern. Reading used their Columbian pattern into almost any type of building hardware you could imagine. Probably one, if not the most popular pattern made. Although plentiful it is extremely intricate, made with quality bronze casting and covered with fine scrolling. If you look hard enough you can usually find a few fox heads camouflaged in the pattern This door plate was made in numerous different sizes, like many, this one had a decorative key cover.I would consider this one to be in mint condition and has developed a great old color.

Measures: 10" x 3". 7/16" knob socket. Center of socket to center of first key hole 2-1/4" to 2nd 3-5/8"
Price: $120

Item # 107